Weekend Special

Spend 2 nights with us & Dine under the African Sky @ as little as P3999 PPS.PACKAGE INCLUSIVE OF MOREMI DAY TRIP, MOKORO DAY TRIP, THE BOMA EXPERIENCE AND ALL MEALS.


Time: 1200hrs – Airport Transfer to Peo

Transfer from Maun International Airport to Peo Luxury Apartments. In the afternoon a tour of Maun, with an option to visit the cultural village in Shorobe which is half an hour north of Maun or Hambukushu Cultural Village situated at Matlapana just out-side Maun along the Maun –Shorobe road, perfect place to taste Hambushu local culture and lifestyle. It’s renowned for basket weaving and producing quality baskets or visit the Crocodile camp to learn about the crocodiles.


Traditional dinner & drinks by a local chef renowned for his 3 legged pot delicacies… with entertainment from our local traditional dancers.


Day trip to Moremi

Day trip to Moremi Game reserve about 100km (62mi) from Maun, to see the wonders of Botswana’s fabulous wildlife. We bring packed breakfast and lunch and assure you that the place we stop for lunch is more exciting than your usual spot at home. Packed lunch and drinks will be provided

Or Day trip to Makgadikgadi Nxai Pan

Nxai Pan is situated directly between Maun and Francistown. Game viewing and bird watching is at its best in this area, not forgetting an experience of getting personal with meerkats colony in the Makgadikgadi Pans in Botswana. Meerkats are very social animals and this particular colony is used to some human interaction. Though you can't touch the meerkats, you can let them crawl on you. Since they like to be at the highest point possible to keep a look out for danger, if you sit or lie down, there's a good chance that they will walk on you and sometimes stand on your head!


Boat Cruise & Sundownders

There is something elemental about the Okavango Delta – the rising and falling of its waters, the daily drama of its wildlife encounters, its soundtrack of lions roaring, saw-throated leopard barks and the crazy whoop of a running hyena, the mysteries concealed by its papyrus reeds swaying gently in the evening breeze

Or Mokoro trip on the edge of the delta

The Mokoro is a common type of canoe used to get around in the shallow waters of the Okavango Delta. The oarsman stands in the stern and pushes it with the pole. Traditionally Mokoros are made from dug out trunks of a large straight trees, like ebony, and kigelia and but today, for conservation purposes they are more commonly made from fiber-glass. A Mokoro ride in the Delta is an absolute “must do” even if it at first seems terrifying. All guides learned to handle a Mokoro at a very tender age as low as seven, making them expert polers. It’s a careful balancing act – the simplest sudden turn or twist could land the passengers in the water. This vessel allows you to experience the delta in stealth and tranquility. Allowing you to get close to birds and other animals.